Monday, December 12, 2011

Everything good must come to an end....Lab 6 at St. Mary's

The last lab at St. Mary's was a Christmas theme and it was fun, as always. I have had a great experience at St. Mary's and I have realized that being a physical education teacher is exactly what I want to do as an occupation. I would say though, that I enjoyed working with the younger kids (PRE K and Kindergarten) the best. My group stayed in the gym and and did some games, my game was the snow ball relay race. I think my game went very well. I did not have the buckets that I thought I was going to have so I had to use hula hoops in place of buckets. After the gym, we went to the cafeteria and interacted with the kids playing some board games and talking about Christmas/ the Holidays. Children always love to talk about their family and presents. We went outside and played at the playground after that and we played tag games, as always. I have to say some of these kids are faster than me, that is for sure. In ending, the closing game and song was awesome. Great way to end my experience at St. Mary's elementary school! Here is my Lab 6
Great job decorating the door!
Best TA Ever!