Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lab 2 at St. Mary's

The second day at St. Mary's was awesome! It was a lot less intimidating then the first day was. Especially because we had the same group of kids that we had the first week. Our theme was friendship, I thought this was a great first theme to have. Friendship is so important in school. Running, galloping, and hopping were the three skills we were to focus on this week. I was in the group with the Pre-K. We were fortunate to yet again be at St. Mary's on a beautiful day, we spend a lot of time outside playing and observing the children. As always these 3 and 4 year olds were full of energy; they already had games in their head that they wanted to play with us. These kids are extremely strong especially their upper body strength, they hang on the monkey bars for a lot longer then I could! We went inside for snack. I had a craft to do with them (paper bag puppets), but we did not have enough time to do the craft. Beka then read them a book for a little bit, the kids really do like story time, they all have their favorite books that is for sure. We went into the gym and then played some fun games with them. The game where we had to get the stuffed animals and then throw them through the hoola hoop was great, also the game where we had different color hoola hoops on the ground and if your color was called you had to get out of the hoop. This was great for the kids to learn their colors as well as getting exercise. Ending the day the chicken dance was great the kids that were left I think really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next lab day at St. Mary's!

Here is my Lab 2!

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