Monday, October 10, 2011


The mini-conference here at Cortland was awesome! So glad that I went! Being a new jr. transfer student this fall I did not know what to really get involved with, I joined the PE major's club my first week here and so happy  that I did. At the mini-conference last Friday I was able to help out; Thursday night I went to Park Center to help set up and prepare, I was able to assist in making sure that the technological (projectors, screens, computers, ect.) were available and in working order for the next day. On Friday I helped get everything set up at the pool for kayaking. Mr. Busch used to teach at Chenango Forks High School and his specialty was educating students on kayaking in the swimming pool and then after then would learn the correct safe way to kayak they would take a field trip and go kayaking on a river. Mr. Busch was a very friendly, talented, and knowledgeable man. I got the opportunity to have a good conversation with him about the career of Physical Education and if he had any suggestions. His biggest piece of advice was to go outside of your comfort zone and take chances to learn something new everyday. After his presentation I really would love to take a kayaking class and become more educated about different activities that I could possibly do as a Physical Education teacher that in a sense are out of the "normal" team sports activities that I am sure many of us experienced when we were in high-school, (a.k.a basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, ect). These common activities are yes popular and need to be addressed, but it is important to have variety available. In order to have a good program though the teacher (me) needs to have experience and be educated about that certain activity, therefore it is important for me to take steps outside my comfort zone and use the opportunity of being at Cortland for college to explore these options! I also was involved in the flash mob in the morning to "Cortland Rock". It was so much fun! =) And the video was great->>>

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