Friday, November 4, 2011

Hectic Halloween At St. Mary's Lab 4

Lab 4 at St. Mary's was so much fun! It was actually Halloween and the kids were crazy, but I enjoyed lab. It made me really get into the Halloween spirit. Everyone was hype about Halloween, but the costumes that some people wore was awesome. My game went pretty well I thought, the kids seemed to enjoy it. They liked that they were either bats or spiders. Some of the kids are very well listeners and when I asked a question to clarify the understanding of the game the same kids were raising their hands, so I actually would call on one of the children that were not raising their hand to see if everyone truly understood the instructions I was giving. I think this technique kept everyone listening to my instructions for the game because they might be called on to clarify what our goal was or the rules. The skills for this lab were the overhand throw and catching, from what I saw through out the day the older kids really understand the fundamentals behind the overhand throw and could catch objects pretty well, but the younger kids had a few problems here and there. It was a beautiful day so we went outside on the play ground and some of these kids, especially this one girl have such good upper body strength to make it all the way across and back on the monkey bars. I was super impressed! The whole day was a great day, I had music on my i-pod that was classic Halloween sounds so by the end of the day I was pretty halloweended out!

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